Rebecca Mandamin

Rebecca Mandamin

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Rebecca Mandamin Profile Page // La página de perfil de Rebecca Mandamin
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In this interview, conducted during the workshop by one of the young participants, Rebecca Mandamin was asked about what it means for her to be indigenous and the main message she takes away from her participation in the workshop.

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Rebecca Mandamin, Waabshkanacotuk, White Cloud is an Anishinaabekwe from the Treaty 3 territory.

She grew up around her politically active father who led her to her interest in environmental activism. Using her young age to an advantage, she has been trying to encourage other young people to get involved and educated on their cultural and historical background. She has provided presentations on natural law, food sovereignty and water issues. Growing up in her community of Iskatewizaagegan, she noticed there wasn't a lot opportunity, so she helps every year develop the community green house for locals and has even created a youth environmental group for her peers.

She is currently working as an Ojibwe langage teacher at the Louis Riel School Division.


All the items documented at the 2015 South Dakota Workshop related to this profile are available at the bottom of this page.




En esta entrevista, realizada durante el taller por uno de los jóvenes participantes, se le pregunta a Rebecca Mandamin sobre lo que significa para ella ser indígena y el mensaje principal que extrae de su participación en el taller.

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Todos los documentos archivados del Taller en Dakota del Sur de 2015 relacionados con este perfil están disponibles al final de esta página.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Video and picture, The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, South Dakota, USA / Video y foto, Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, Dakota del Sur, Estados Unidos

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2015 July 12th
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