Clementine Mutesi

Clementine Mutesi

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Clementine Mutesi Profile Page // La página de perfil de Clementine Mutesi
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This self-presentation she made the openig day of the 2017 Kenya Workshop has been transcribed and subtitled in its original language. To that end, you have to click on the 'CC' button at the bottom, right hand side of the video. You can also activate subtitles in another language, by going into the settings of the video, then clicking on the subtitles section, then choosing the option 'auto-translate' and finally the language of your choice.


I am born by Batwa parents both mother and father. I am training as a lawyer targeting to transform the world mindsets against the IPs. I like to participate in conferences and meetings. There is a rich knowledge and experience in gaining skills in advocating for our rights. The African Indigenous Youth need more trainings in this field.

I am Assistant Programme Officer in Programme of Equal Participation & Women Economic Empowerment in Cultural Conservation Act (CCA). I achieved a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and my field of expertise is : Trainer of the trainers, Cooperative leadership, Advocacy and Rights Raising Awareness.


As part of this project, Clementine Mutesi participated in the 2017 Kenya Workshop as a young indigenous delegate from the Batwa People of Rwanda.


All the items documented at the 2017 Kenya Workshop related to this profile are available at the bottom of this page.




Esta auto presentación que hizo el día de apertura del Taller fue transcrita y subtitulada en su idioma original. Con este fin, tienen que hacer clic en el botón 'CC' que se encuentra en la parte de abajo, derecha del video. También pueden activar los subtítulos en otro idioma, y tienen que hacer clic en las opciones del video, después seleccionar la parte de los subtítulos, más adelante escoger la opción de 'traducir automáticamente' y finalmente elegir el idioma de su elección.


En el marco de este proyecto, Clementine Mutesi participó en el taller de Kenia de 2017 como joven delegada indígena del pueblo Batwa de Ruanda.


Todos los documentos archivados del Taller en Kenia de 2017 relacionados con este perfil están disponibles al final de esta página.

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Kigali, Rwanda

Video and picture, Narok, Kenya / video y foto, Narok, Kenia

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2017 December 12th
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